How Disney Lovers Are Bringing the Magic Home During Quarantine

Olivia Willett

It has been too long. We miss walking down Main Street U.S.A., past bundles of Mickey Mouse balloons, past the scent of the bakery floating beyond the entry doors. We miss basking in that first view of the castle. All in all, we miss the Disney parks. In the midst of vacation cancelations, delays, uncertainty, and general unease during the global pandemic, bringing a little piece of the Most Magical Place on Earth into your home sure way to bring a hopeful spark into your life! Over the past few months, many Disney fans have taken up this very project: from theming entire rooms to small-scale activities, creative theme park and movie lovers are using newfound free time to remind everyone of Disney magic!

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decorative birds with bright colors hanging in the kitchen
Photo by Karen Angelica

The first project on our list was shared by Karen, a Californian resident. Over the past month, Karen themed her kitchen after the classic attraction, Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. She expressed that this project really helped with those quarantine blues! Looking at those birdies and their bright colors, you can almost hear them singing. Up next, another room of the house takes on a Disney theme!

bedroom with a Contemporary-style design and Disney-themed decor
Photo by Samantha Miles

This exquisite project comes to us from Samantha, from the UK, who first visited Walt Disney World in 1977 and stayed at the Contemporary Resort. She expressed strong memories of of seeing Cinderella’s castle for the first time from the hotel; today, revisits bring out those strong emotions. Samantha’s appreciation for the Contemporary and her attention to detail are clear in her recently finished bedroom – with familiar color patterns and stripes that make the resort so iconic! Disney related paraphernalia lines the walls in geometrical shapes, similar to designs one would find at the Contemporary Resort. We applaud the work that went into this lovely bedroom, fit for a mouse! For our final room refashioning, we move on to the most important room of the house.

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bathroom decked out in Mickey Mouse paraphernalia
Photo by Shawana Monae

Shawana, from Michigan, shared this fantastical Mickey bathroom set-up, complete with every piece of Mickey paraphernalia a Disney lover could ever imagine. From the rugs, curtains, pictures, plushes, all the way down to the trash can, we are in love with this bathroom Mickey paradise! Next up, we find that smaller projects can help to bring the magic home, too.

completed Cinderella Castle Lego Set
Photo by Aisling Carey

Aisling, a fellow Disney fan, shared one of her husband’s favorite projects. A fully completed Disney Castle Lego set, complemented by the backdrop of some of our favorite, classic Disney quotes, is quite impressive, and must have taken some time! If you’re interested in purchasing your own Disney Castle Lego set, you can do so here! Next up, an artist takes the final stage!

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six Disney-themed diamond paintings
Photos by Stacey Hale

Stacey, a nurse and fellow Disney lover, took the time to share with us these magnificent diamond paintings! From the beloved Sorcerer Mickey to the Enchanted Rose, these classic images behold some of Disney movie lovers’ most treasured moments. We especially love the Mickey painting (he even made an appearance as guest of honor at Stacey’s wedding)! As a healthcare worker during this time, Stacey expressed that completing these paintings was a perfect way to relax and take her mind off of the craziness at the hospital. If you would like to learn more about diamond painting, you can click here. We thank Stacey for contributing to the health of her community, while also spreading the magic!

From room make-overs to personal projects, theme park and movie fans sure know how to lift ourselves up and share Disney magic! Have you brought a touch of Disney into your life during quarantine? Let us know how in the comments!

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By Olivia Willett Writer
Olivia is a 20 year old English student and life-long lover of Disney parks. She has been visiting Walt Disney World since her childhood, and she aspires to visit each and every park around the globe.
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