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Moana: The Series will premiere on Disney+ in 2023. Moana’s initial release took place in 2016. The role of Moana in the film was played by Auli’i Cravalho, who had just turned 16 at the time it was released. Moana in the film, was adamant about leaving her native island and exploring the world. Her parents, however, wanted her to remain where she was in order for her to eventually succeed as the island’s leader and avoid the perils that lay beyond. Following her discovery of the island’s curse, Moana embarked on a quest to save it. After working with demi-god Maui, she was able to lift the curse (Dwayne Johnson). Moana was an instant hit due to its moving storyline and enduring song, both of which were composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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Since the success of Moana, fans have been anticipating Moana 2. A sequel is possible even if it hasn’t been formally confirmed yet. Another great hit was Frozen, which received a sequel six years later in 2019. If this were the case for Moana, fans may look forward to Moana 2 in 2022. If it is, it hasn’t yet been validated, so it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

Disney announced on Twitter that during their Investor Day 2020, Moana would receive a TV series on their streaming service Disney+. Despite the fact that this update is wonderful because Moana, fans must practice patience. The first episode won’t premiere until 2023. Some of the original cast members are probably going to return to reprise their roles if Disney gives the series the go-ahead. One of the four Disney animated films to receive a TV series is Moana, along with Big Hero 6 and its series Baymax!, Zootopia, and Princess and the Frog with Tiana.

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The possibility of a Moana feature film sequel exists, but Moana: The Series suggests that it is unlikely to occur soon. Fans could think that the episode of Moana: The Series was more exciting. A television show could deftly delve into the life of Moana, as well as her lovely sidekicks Pua, Maui, and Hei Hei. The authors can also investigate the fictitious Polynesian island of Montunui and all the possibilities it offers. Watching the young Moana rule her island as chief would also definitely inspire young girls.

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