In November, “Fantasmic!” will return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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It finally comes back… Returning to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is “Fantasmic!” The overall plot of this play will remain the same, but new projections and an updated “Pocahontas” scenario will be featured. We’ll soon see Steamboat Willie come around that corner with a big cast of characters, using new technology, new characters, and the same unforgettable soundtrack.

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“Fantasmic!” is coming back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in November, according to a recent announcement from the Disney parks. As they bring back one of the most adored Disney parks shows in the world, this fan-favorite show will feature an updated plot and a revitalised cast. Although no precise opening date has been specified, the November announcement lets us know that the show’s rehearsals must be almost complete. Additionally, the earlier performance date eases our concerns about potential stage damage from Hurricane Ian.

We spoke with Disney representatives earlier this year about the revival of Fantasmic! and what to anticipate from the updated production. Fantasmic! will be updated with brand-new audio, laser, and lighting effects. Additionally, a revised Pocahontas portion will be included, and Mulan, Elsa, Aladdin, and Moana will all make new appearances.

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Fantasmic! holds a very special place in the hearts of Disney fans. In their own house, one group of Disney College Program cast members even recreated the entire production.

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