Vintage Disney Items Currently for Sale on eBay

Olivia Willett

Vintage memorabilia is all the rage, these days. A retro line featuring tee shirts and hats with colorful 70s designs has been available at Walt Disney World Resort and on shopDisney for some time. While these new designs are enticing, many of us long for authentically vintage Disney items. Here, we’re going to share some original retro Disney items currently for sale on eBay! Keep in mind, these products will likely be available for a limited time only.

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Orange Bird Shirt (Large) – $65.00 USD

vintage disney orange bird shirt on ebay

Orange Bird, the beloved Disney character, is as classic as you can get. This ringer tee features orange ribbing for the collars and sleeves, and displays Orange Bird with Mickey Mouse ears sitting inside of a letter D. The back of the shirt features a symbol for Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary. Okay, so it’s not quite vintage, but it certainly gives off the impression. The seller notes that the shirt is used. The starting bid begins at $65.00 USD, but buyers may choose to purchase immediately for $90.00 USD. Click here to view.

1974 Pirates of the Caribbean Storybook Publication – $0.99 USD

While the previous item may have been a tiny cheat, this Pirates of the Caribbean Storybook is truly vintage. Published in 1974, this storybook features stunning art based upon the popular attraction. It also goes through the history of the attraction’s design and imagineering process. According to the seller, the used book is in fair condition. The starting bid is only 99 cents! Click here to view.

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Youth Figment EPCOT Center Cap – $50.00 USD

vintage disney epcot figment youth cap

Figment, the purple dragon, may be more beloved than Orange Bird! Figment first appeared in the attraction Jouney into Imagination in 1983. This cap must have been released around that time, because the theme park dropped the “center” from its official name in 1994. This white cotton cap features Figment himself, with a paintbrush in hand. The space beside the character features the original name of the park: EPCOT Center. You can get this cap today for $50.00 USD or best offer. Click here to view.

Disney MGM Studios Souvenir Saucer – $20.00 USD


Released in 1987, this souvenir plate displays the original name of Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Disney MGM Studios. With brilliant golden letters and a regal design, this nostalgic plate would spruce up any Disney lover’s collection. Below the park name, the plate features a design of the Chinese Theater. The starting bid on this saucer is $20.00 USD. Click here to view.

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DisneyQuest Adventurer’s Map – $21.99 USD

DisneyQuest, an indoor interactive theme park, opened in 1998 and closed in 2017. The indoor theme park, situated in what is now Disney Springs, was beloved by fans. It featured classic attractions such as CyberSpace Mountain, Sid’s Create a Toy, and Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlaster. This Adventurer’s Map can’t bring DisneyQuest back into existence, but it may remind us fans of where everything was located. The map unfolds into a large rectangle, with directions to attractions on each floor. You can purchase this map for $21.99 USD or best offer. Click here to view.

1960’s Disneyland Character Cap – $10.00 USD

This vintage 1960s cap features Disneyland characters including Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Mickey Mouse! Featuring yellow, blue, and red as the main colors, the seller notes that the cap includes minor ink fading. There are no rips, tears, or holes, and the collectible is in good condition. This would be the cutest cap for your Disney toddler! Currently, the starting bid is at only $10.00 USD, but buyers can bypass the auction for the total price of $25.00 USD. Click here to view.

1960’s California Disneyland Metal Plate Souvenir – $14.99 USD


This vintage metal plate features the state of California, decorated with a plethora of Disneyland-themed designs! Above the state, Mickey and Minnie Mouse soar in hot air balloons. Pink and orange circles frame the artwork. With only a few tiny dents on the back, this 11″ plate is a must-have for Disneyland collectors. It is currently listed at $14.99 USD or best offer. Click here to view.

That wraps it up for this week’s vintage finds! Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates. Do you have any vintage Disney memorabilia? Let us know in the comments below!

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