UPDATE: ‘Mulan’ Will Be Free For All Disney+ Subscribers on December 4th

Caitlyn Burke

If you have been among the millions of subscribers to Disney+ that has been discouraged by the new live-action Mulan film being made available for $29.99, fear not! Mulan will now be free for all Disney+ subscribers on December 4th.

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Originally scheduled for a March 27th release, the remake of one of Disney’s most beloved animations finally was given a streaming release date in early August. Many fans were greatly disappointed in the choice for the film to be available at an additional cost of $29.99.

Credit: Disney PLus

With the unusually high rental charge that doubles most theater ticket prices, there have been a load of mixed reviews from those who have made the purchase. While this will not be the future model for theater bypassing, Disney has found this to be the best way for the company to make money through the pandemic.

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One benefit to the new Premier Access on Disney+ is that those who purchase the film can watch it as many times as they would like. Premier Access will end on November 2, 2020 in order to prepare for the free viewing of the film on December 4th.

Credit: Variety

The film will also be available in theaters where Disney+ has not yet been made available. If you are a Disney+ subscriber and are dying to see the film, it may be worth waiting a few extra months.

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Have you purchased and watched the film yet? If so, what did you think? Let us know! We’ll keep you updated on any more news related to the film.

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