Tony Baxter is Willing to Come Out of Retirement to Redo Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Caitlyn Burke

There are plenty of changes coming to Walt Disney World’s theme park Epcot. Disney announced plans for a major overhaul of the park and several of its attractions. Fans were shocked when the seemingly forgotten attraction that features a bubbly, purple dinosaur was not included in these changes. In a recent interview, legendary Imagineer, Tony Baxter, said he is willing to come out of retirement to redo Journey Into Imagination With Figment.

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credit: Nick Perillo

There was always a hope for some more modern changes to be brought into Epcot, so the overhaul announcement brought much excitement to the Disney community. However, now that the coronavirus pandemic has caused several attractions to close, as well as proposed projects to be scrapped, there’s no telling when Epcot will be completed. Disney is seemingly cutting budgets for every department, but one former Imagineer is hopeful that a redo of Journey Into Imagination With Figment could happen.

Speaking at a TEA@USC event last night (YouTube video since deleted), Baxter mentioned the subject of a Journey Into Imagination With Figment redo saying, “I just wish we would do the ride over. I would come back out of retirement to do that ride over”.

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Tony Baxter recently came out of retirement (to an extent) to work on another project – the reimagining of Splash Mountain into a Princess and the Frog-themed attraction. Baxter will be a creative advisor on the retheming after working on the original Splash Mountain. The two projects are vastly different in that the Figment attraction would be a redo of some original material rather than reimagining an entire ride.

Since he has already come out of retirement once, many fans are hopeful that he would be willing to do it again. There is no confirmation from Disney or Tony Baxter that a redo of Journey Into Imagination With Figment is in the works. We’ll keep you updated on any new information that comes from this story!

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