Tom Hanks To Narrate Carousel of Progress


This Magic Kingdom classic from 1974 is about to get refreshing narration provided a by fan favorite, Tom Hanks. Carousel of Progress is narrated by John, the shows father, who is showcased in multiple decades throughout American history. Hanks is rumored to replace Jean Shepherd, John’s current voice provider. The overlay is scheduled to begin production soon and premiere alongside an extensive rehab that would update the 1990’s “Future” scene in the finale of the attraction. The puns and comedy are bound to stay and be expanded upon throughout. The finale scene will be upgraded to feature tech from today’s standards and beyond.

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This “progress” to the attraction comes at a time when Disney has been delaying capital expenditures until the economy has rebounded. This “Plussing Up” per say would increase interest in the declining popularity of the Carrousel of Progress. Our insiders have included that Hanks has been in talks to adding his persona in some fashion to this iconic Walt Disney favorite for awhile now.

Hanks has always been a fan of Carousel of Progress and can be heard here singing the theme song from this 2016 interview! Take a listen!

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