“The Little Mermaid” False Casting Rumors Causing Uproars From Fans

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  1. We still don’t have a release date, but it’s ok because we don’t have a prince yet, either.  

Rumors that singer Harry Styles had been cast in the iconic role spread like wildfire on social media today, only to almost as instantly be extinguished by credible news outlets. The breaking news was traced back to the official Twitter accounts of both AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas. After being discredited, the tweets have since been removed. 

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25 year-old England-born Styles rose to fame as the fan-favorite frontman in the boy band One Direction, and in 2016 branched out into a successful solo career. While many fans of the original animated movie vocalized their disdain on social media regarding Styles’ (false) casting, there are even more of Style’s fans completely devastated that he will NOT be starring alongside Halle Bailey, who has been cast as the iconic Princess Ariel. 

As far as the live-action remake is concerned, it seems all we have been given are more rumors than actual fact. The more all the casting rumors spread, the more publicity the project is getting before it even has a release date! There is no confirmation regarding actress Melissa McCarthy being offered the role of the sea witch Ursula, but McCarthy seems to be enjoying soaking up all the attention whether she has been made an offer yet or not. Terry Crews has also been very vocal about keeping his muscular fingers crossed for a shot at the role of King Triton after posting his audition on Twitter. 

Desperate? Maybe. Hilarious? Absolutely! 

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