The “Hocus Pocus” Character You Are Is Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Come, we take off! Because a virgin just lighted the black flame candle, gather your best witches (again). Since it is now officially Halloween, you’ll have to play along if you’re trying to figure out which Hocus Pocus character most closely reflects your sign. Besides, understanding which characters best represent your zodiac sign is the only thing more enjoyable than binge-watching the best Halloween classic movies.

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Anyone who grew up in the 1990s would recall the sour Winifred Sanderson opening a window and saying, “Oh, look. Another glorious morning. “Makes me feel sick”! And I think it goes without saying that the Sanderson sisters are nothing short of legendary, but they’re not the only characters in the movie that deserve attention. In fact, I have a confession to make: I had a huge crush on Thackery Binx, and I secretly lobbied my mother to let me throw an even greater Halloween party than Allison’s. Witch talk! Allison had the coolest family ever because they actually ran the Sanderson Sisters Museum (which is goals AF).

In light of this, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already started making preparations to watch the much anticipated sequel, Hocus Pocus 2! It’s time to gather with your coven and light a black candle in celebration of the upcoming Disney+ rollout, which is scheduled to occur on September 30. Sisters Winifred, Mary, and Sarah are returning to Salem just in time for a blood moon as well:

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The Hocus Pocus Character That Matches Your Zodiac Sign

Hocus Pocus "Ice" Ernie

Aries: You’re “Ice” Ernie

If you’re not rounding up the troops for back up when going to battle, then chances are you’re the first one pulling all sorts of childish shenanigans. Not saying you’re a shoe stealer, but on a rotten day, you’re the only one with the blatant audacity to snatch a pair of sneakers right in front of someone’s face. Also, thanks to your planetary ruler, Mars, your obsession with athleisure gets you into all sorts of trouble.

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Hocus Pocus Sarah Sanderson

Taurus: You’re Sarah Sanderson

“Come little children, I’ll take thee away, into a land of enchantment.” Just like your irresistible planetary ruler, Venus, your siren-like singing voice has the power to seduce, and lure in your prey. And all for what, Taurus? So you can suck their souls, and make yourself look younger. Indulgence is the name of your game, be it a tasty spider, your sister’s lover or a virgin from Salem!

Hocus Pocus Jay

Gemini: You’re Jay (“Ice’s” Friend)

You’ve got the gift of gab, and your mischief is next-level. You’re also notorious for nicknaming strangers on the spot… so yeah, you *would* call the new kid from California “Hollywood,” and everyone around you would follow along. This, of course, comes with the turf when you’re ruled by clever Mercury, but your sinister-like quips and dark humor can easily come across as bullying. Naughty, naughty, Gemini!

Hocus Pocus Mary

Cancer: You’re Mary Sanderson

You’re a ride-or-die for your family and friends, and your intuition is so loud, it makes you bark like a dog from time to time. Just kidding, but can we talk about your vacuum cleaner broom? It doesn’t get more domestic than that. Similar to your planetary ruler (the moon) your heightened senses can smell children from miles away. Also, living alongside sisters like Sarah and Winifred for all eternity is more than enough to prove your undying loyalty. “I suggest we form a calming circle.”

Hocus Pocus Miss Olin

Leo: You’re Miss Olin

Has anyone ever told you you’re a fantastic storyteller? Don’t be modest, Leo! The only thing you love more than being a big kid at heart, is playing the role of the teacher and spreading joy. You’re also not afraid to call out a skeptic when you see one, especially if they’re not cooperating… or better said, not laughing at your jokes. So grab your spooky props, and give us the 411 on the Sanderson sisters.

Hocus Pocus Binx

Virgo: You’re Thackery Binx

In all seriousness, if the Sanderson sisters were to cast a spell that turned you into an immortal cat, you *would* be the most productive and resourceful superkitty in Salem. In addition to being an old soul, you’re also quite modest, which is why helping children steer clear of the Sanderson sisters still wouldn’t suffice. You’re half-human and half-spirit, Virgo. Don’t you forget it.

Hocus Pocus Billy Butcherson

Libra: You’re Billy Butcherson

Let’s face it, love makes people do unimaginable things… and well, it’s not your fault you fell for your lover’s smoking hot sibling, Libra. When you mate, it’s for life. You are, after all, ruled by harmony-seeking Venus. Relationships are your favorite pastime, but what’s fair is fair. And since you pride yourself on your justice-seeking ways, rising from your grave to capture children every time you’re summoned will have to do.

Hocus Pocus Dani

Scorpio: You’re Dani Dennison

You’re a smart little witch, and the Sanderson sisters got nothin’ on you, Scorpio. In addition to your brilliant bartering skills, (i.e. talking your brother into dressing up as Peter Pan in tights next Halloween, or no deal) you’ve also mastered the art of hide, spy and seek. *How else would you know about Allison’s “yabos”?* You have no problem using your words when threatened, so calling Winifred “the ugliest thing that ever lived,” would be putting it lightly.

Hocus Pocus Allison

Sagittarius: You’re Allison

Louder for the people in the back! On top of the fact that you’re filled with supernatural wisdom, it’s your free spirit and spontaneous personality that makes you so magnetic. You snag the spotlight without even trying, and you bewitch your classmates with your spooky truth bombs. *I’m Allison! Kiss me I’m Allison!* Real talk, if your crush accidentally resurrected the Sanderson sisters, you’d be the most capable of interpreting and casting a reversal spell.

Hocus Pocus Winifred

Capricorn: You’re Winifred Sanderson

If there were ever such a thing as being the “eldest” zodiac sign, it would definitely be you, Capricorn. Traditional, intelligent and a tad bit on the sadistic side, you’d sew your unfaithful lover’s lips in a jealous rage, and yet stop at nothing to obey the rules, even if that means tolerating your incompetent siblings until the end of time. A gift from Satan himself, your precious book is your one true love, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hocus Pocus Max Dennison

Aquarius: You’re Max Dennison

There’s a difference between rebellion and skepticism, but you walk the line, Aquarius. Be it your tie-dye west coast energy or your opinionated conspiracy theories, your uniqueness is partly why you stand out in the crowd… or while in Salem, stick out like a sore thumb. Similar to your disruptive planetary ruler, Uranus, you start a revolution all on your own, so *clearly* nothing should’ve, could’ve, would’ve ever gotten in the way of you lighting that black flame candle.

Hocus Pocus Emily Binx

Pisces: You’re Emily Binx

To say you believe in magic would be an understatement, Pisces. And though your dreamy planetary ruler, Neptune, is more than enough to validate your otherworldly compassion and innate gullibility, wearing your rose-colored glasses can be to your detriment if you’re not discerning. Perhaps this explains why you’d easily succumb to the enchanting melody of Sarah Sanderson, ultimately leading you to drinking the soul-stealing poison. The silver lining? You dance circles around the afterlife, and you always find your way back to your loved ones.

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