Tangled- Could it be the First Dive Coaster for Disney?!

Tabitha Boothe

What if Tangled became Disney’s first dive coaster? We came across this collaboration between Parkineer and Armchair Engineering. It is actually pretty awesome! They made this concept just for fun. There is no official anything in the works.

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Somehow I see Rapunzel having a blast on it. However, the verdict on Eugene is still out. And we all know that Pascal would love it.

Now, these guys really put a lot of thought into this, and it’s amazing. Here’s a bit of what they came up with.

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Rapunzel: Escape From the Tower

First, riders leave the pub and enter a cave. After leaving the cave, they find themselves in a forest, following Flynn Rider. A wall of leaves open and riders enter into a hidden clearing.


In front of them, they see a tower. There is a vertical track on the side of it that you climb up.

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Next you’ll see Eugene tied up by Rapunzel as she threatens him with a pan. The track then rotates ninety degrees and goes out a different window. The coaster stops at the beginning of the drop, and you hear Rapunzel count to three.

The drop picks up speed, banks next to a hill, and you end up back in the forest. Once in the forest, you’ll see Maximus searching for Eugene. You decide to hide out in Snuggly Duckling Tavern.

We pass the loading area to find a secret passageway. It leads into a dark cave. All of a sudden, the coaster comes to a complete stop. You’re stuck, and now water is starting to fill up in the cave. Rapunzel lights up her hair, and her and Eugene start moving rocks.

All of a sudden, the track drops down and an opening appears. It leads you back out into the forest. After a few twists and turns, you go through a tunnel.


We find ourselves traveling next to a lake where we see Eugene and Rapunzel on a boat, surrounded by lanterns. The ride ends with the track following a path back through the forest and to the pub.

This sounds like it could be a great addition to any of the Disney parks. To see the full concept of this Tangled coaster, check it out here.

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