Splash Mountain Reopens After Water Was Drained During Downtime!

Caitlyn Burke

Everything is finally satisfactual! Splash Mountain reopens after its water was drained during a three-day downtime.

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Many Walt Disney World frequenters were worried when the initial reports that the attraction had been drained. Splash Mountain will be undergoing a rethemeing to fit the storyline of The Princess and the Frog, which Disney announced last month. The drainage had fans speculating that the construction process was going to begin without any warning.

Take a look at what the ride looked like during the downtime:

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Guests were evacuated off of the attraction during multiple breakdowns that happened this past week. The ride was eventually closed for maintenance.

When the attraction finally opened today, guests were pretty shocked at the high wait time that was posted on the My Disney Experience app. It should be noted that wait times have not been entirely accurate due to social distancing taking place in the lines. However, it seems like guests were extremely eager to get back to the laughing place!

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Disney has not announced a timeline as to when the ride will be officially rethemed. Hopefully it will be open for just a little while longer so we can visit Brer Rabbit and his pals one last time!

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