Roundup Rodeo BBQ: Table Service Restaurant at Hollywood Studios WDW

Jordan Milazzo

Calling all Cowboys and Cowgirls! Disney has announced that there will be a new table service restaurant in Hollywood Studios called “Roundup Rodeo BBQ.” And who doesn’t love a good barbecue every now and then? Who doesn’t love the amazing and mouth-watering smell of barbecue chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, hotdogs and burgers (or maybe some veggie burgers for all my vegetarians and vegans out there!). Let’s hope that all these foods and more will be on the menu!

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The Roundup Rodeo BBQ Restaurant will go along with the theme of being in Woody’s backyard, however, Woody has allowed all his toys to go to the barbecue and join in on the fun that awaits! Although it is said that this restaurant will have characters, they are only a part of the decoration, so they will not actually be walking around. But it can be seen that the style and decoration of the restaurant is similar in design to Toy Story Mania and Slinky Dog Dash.

In the restaurant, the idea is that Andy has cut open and taped three cardboard boxes together in order to make this rodeo arena for all of his toys and to include some of his favorite games and play sets. So this means that on the inside, you can expect to be surrounded by a western theme (Yee-Haw!) with Jessie riding Trixie and Woody on his old dependable stead, Bullseye, and you’ll also see Andy’s train station and playsets. The inside will have splashes of color and will sure to leave the biggest Toy Story fan stunned! You will also be able to spot some of your favorite Pixar characters imbedded into the decor as well!

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This new restaurant will be located to the right of the entrance of Toy Story Land, behind the giant Woody figure and land’s marquee. Since this restaurant is indoors, expect enough air conditioned seats for you and your friends to take a load off, eat some great food, and enjoy an amazing atmosphere (great for the Summertime in Florida!).

There is still no confirmation as to when Disney World will be up and running again, however, as a GIANT Toy Story fan myself I can’t wait to see all the amazing details along with the decorations, and taste some yummy BBQ foods!

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Photo: disneytouristblog

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