Polar Playground- Disney Sized Cotton Candy Craze!

Tabitha Boothe

Polar Playground is the place to go in Huntington Beach if you want some epic cotton candy! These guys create the craziest cotton candy creations you have ever seen. Some are even as big as kids! And the best part… they do Disney characters!

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Their creations range from Baymax, to Rainbow Unicorn. From Mike Wazowski, to Baby Yoda. They do it all! People travel from near and far for these super sweet treats.

photo credit: Jessica Siguenza

These creations typically run from $14-$16 each. But they are worth it for the artwork alone! The cotton candy is super light, and not overly sweet. There’s also several flavors to choose from.

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polar playground
photo credit: Jennifer Nunez

The wait for these is a little crazy! However, masterpieces take time. So make sure you (and any kids with you) have plenty of patience. Trust me, it’s worth it! Polar Playground is currently closed on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. They don’t open up until 1:00pm Wednesday thru Sunday.

polar playground
photo credit: Indi Lee

So, next time you’re in Huntington Beach, make some time to head over to Polar Playground! And send us some pictures of your favorite Disney Creations! We can’t wait to see what they create for you! If you’ve been, let us know the craziest Disney character you’ve seen!

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