New Loungefly’s and Where to Get Them

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Loungefly mini backpacks have taken the collecting world by storm. The company has put out so many new bags recently, it’s hard to keep up with them all. Here are a few of our new favorites and where to find them:

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These two bags are maps of the Disneyland Park in honor of their 65th anniversary. You can find them on the Boxlunch website here and here.

credit: Boxlunch
credit: Boxlunch

This beautiful candy cane inspired bag is lined with candy canes on the inside and was spotted at the Swan Hotel at Walt Disney World. This bag will be a parks exclusive in time for the Holiday Season.

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Credit: Kristin liddell
Credit: kristin Liddell
credit: Kristin Liddell

This bag is inspired by the loving dog Toby from the underrated movie The Great Mouse Detective. It features little Olivia on the front. Get it from Boxlunch here.

credit: boxlunch

This sparkly Sorcerer blue bag with stars and wizard hats lined on the inside has been spotted at Disney Stores. It is supposed to be a parks exclusive but may be released in select Disney Stores. There will be a whole line of Sorcerer merchandise such as a matching wristlet, spirit jersey, leggings, and ears. in honor of Fantasia’s 80th anniversary. The bag will officially be released on 10/22 so the rest of the line may also be released then.

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credit: Shelley VanRenselaar
credit: Melany Campilongo

This all over print of Jack Skellington can be found on the Boxlunch website here.


This cute vintage Winnie the Pooh bag can also be found on the Boxlunch website here.

This last one sold out in minutes. it is an LASTYLERUSH exclusive. This holographic sequin bag features a snowflake zipper. There is also a matching wallet which is still available to preorder it here. LA Style Rush said they will be ordering more and will post when you can order it. So follow them on Instagram to find out how to get this limited edition bag.

credit: LA Style Rush
credit:LA Style Rush

This Tigger backpack is an old style that is being brought back for a limited time next month. You can pre-order it from this Loungefly approved small shop:

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