Missing the Parks? Build Your Own With These Magical LEGO Sets!

Caitlyn Burke

Missing the parks? Build your own with these magical LEGO sets! We’ve seen some pretty incredible LEGO creations come out of quarantine. From a man building a replica of Disneyland to a TikTok account dedicated to a replica of Disney World and Disneyland. The LEGO creativity has been nonstop.

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Disney has released many LEGO sets that were designed to replicate parts of their theme parks. However, most of the creations linked above were built with other LEGO parts, so your imagination can really run wild!

Even though Disney World reopened on July 11th, many guests are still opting to not go to the parks because of the coronavirus pandemic. If you are wanting to wait to go to the parks or unable to go in general, here is some inspiration on how to build your own Disney World/Disneyland right in your living room!

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Disney World Sets

No replica of the Disney theme parks would be complete without two iconic landmarks – Cinderella’s Castle and the Main Street Train Station. Both of these sets can be found on the LEGO website. If you are choosing to visit the parks, they also can be found inside the Emporium on Main Street USA!

Cinderella’s Castle

The Disney Castle LEGO set is truly fit for a princess! This set has over 4,000 pieces that features various rooms like Cinderella’s bedroom, kitchen, and great hall. The set also includes some of your Disney favorites like Tinker Bell, Donald Duck, and of course, the mouse himself, Mickey Mouse.

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Credit: LEGO
Credit: LEGO

This LEGO set is a replica of Cinderella’s Castle at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The colors of the castle do not include the updated bright blues and pinks, but it does pay a tribute to the original design of the castle.

CRedit: LEGO

This LEGO set is available for $349.99 and can be ordered directly from the LEGO website. If you are going to be visiting the parks soon, this set can also be found inside the Emporium on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom. Click here to see it on the LEGO website.

Disney Train and Station

Walt Disney is known for not only creating the most iconic cartoon character ever, but for his love of trains. He included his very own railroad system within Magic Kingdom to pay tribute to his passion as well as to educate those who visit his theme park. Without a train station to greet you at the entrance to your replica, it just wouldn’t be the same.

This LEGO set has nearly 3,000 pieces that also feature various rooms within the train station. The station has a check-in desk, waiting area, and even a miniature display of a train. One thing is for certain and it’s that no details were missed!

Credit: LEGO
Credit: LEGO

The set also comes with an actual train to build with a set of tracks to put around the station. Similar to the castle set this LEGO creation comes with a train conductor Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale, and Goofy.

Credit: Lego

The LEGO set is available for $329.99 and can also be found on the LEGO website. Along with the castle set, this can also be found at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom. Click here to see it on the LEGO website.

Star Wars Sets

Now that the Star Wars franchise has made its way into the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Theme parks, it’s only right to include you every own Galaxy’s Edge. While you will have to create pretty much all of the land on your own, there are a couple of sets that will really tie the galaxy together.

Millenium Falcon

Who wouldn’t want the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy? This 7,500+ LEGO set features every possible detail seen in the film. From the iconic cockpit to the cabin game table inside the Falcon, this set is sure to set any replica over the edge. It also comes with tons of characters such as Han Solo, Chewbacca, Rey, Princess Leia, and even a Porg.

Credit: Lego
Credit: LEGO

This is the most expensive LEGO set on the list retailing for $799.99. If the price really deters you, a smaller version of the Falcon can be purchased as well. It can be ordered through the LEGO website and can be found in some Target retail stores. To order your own Millennium Falcon, click here.

Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

Want to harness the power of the dark side? The Supreme Leader’s shuttle is now a LEGO set! Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge also features Kylo Ren’s shuttle in one of the corners of the land. It’s the perfect addition for those of you who are members of the First Order.

Credit: LEGO
Credit: LEGO

This LEGO set retails for $129.99 at just over 1,000 pieces. It features the cockpit of the shuttle, blasters, and, of course, Kylo Ren himself. The Wongs of the shuttle are also mobile, so it is incredibly realistic! This can also be found on the LEGO website here.

The Mandalorian and The Child

While we haven’t seen Baby Yoda or the Mandalorian make their way into the theme parks, it would be wrong to not include the cutest creature int he galaxy in your replica! Being recently released, these sets come as a package for a total of 295 pieces. Baby Yoda is in his crib while the Mandalorian is touted with his blaster and helmet.

Credit: LEGO

For just $19.99, it’s a great addition to your replica or even a work desk at home. These can be found on the LEGO website as well. To purchase this set, click here.

Other Disney Sets

While it’s going to be necessary to build most of the theme parks on your own, there are some other Disney LEGO sets that pay tribute to some classic and new attractions. The sets really tie together the Disney magic we all love while at the theme parks. These all can be found on the LEGO website.

Steamboat Willie

If you have ever seen the firework spectacular show at Hollywood Studios called Fantasmic, then you’ll love this piece! The ending of the show pays tribute to the very first cartoon that put Mickey Mouse on the map, which features Steamboat Willie driving a boat full of his fellow classic Disney characters. This set can be used in a replica of Hollywood Studios, while also paying homage to the 1928 cartoon. For $89.99 and only 751 pieces, click here to purchase the set!

Credit: LEGO

Arendelle Castle Village

A replica of Epcot would never be complete without Anna and Elsa’s Village in Norway! Frozen took the world by storm in 2013 and eventually replaced the Viking attraction, Maelstrom, in the World Showcase. This 521 piece set features Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and their castle. For $79.99 you’ll be able to complete the Norway Pavilion. Click here to purchase the set.

Credit: LEGO

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters

The newest Disney LEGO set came out a few months ago and it features easily the two most iconic Disney characters. The set comes with a buildable Mickey and Minnie figurine along with sketch pads, a camera, and sketchbook. Though it’s not based on the new Mickey Mouse cartoons, this would be a great addition for a replica of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Hollywood Studios! The set is $179.99 with over 1,700 pieces and can be purchased here.

credit: LEGO

If you decide to build any one of these LEGO sets, or build your own replica of the parks, make sure to tag us! We would love to see your creations. Let your imagination run wild!

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