Meet the Newest Member of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge- Phoenix!

Abbie Campbell

Yesterday, the animal care team at Disney World’s revealed that a female zebra foal was born in May. This is the fourth zebra foal to be born at Disney World this year and the 13th since Disney initiated the Species Survival Program. The program strives to ensure responsible breeding and maintain species diversity.

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The foal was given the name Phoenix by the care team. They gave her this name because a phoenix symbolizes strength and renewal. It’s a fitting name considering the world is slowly recuperating following months of lock down due to coronavirus.

Vice President of Animals, Science, and Environment at Disney Parks, Dr. Mark Penning shared photos of Phoenix and her mom Pebbles on Disney Parks Blog and Instagram.

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Dr. Penning stated that Phoenix is a Hartmann’s mountain zebra and recently appeared on Sunset Savanna.  He also emphasized “Phoenix is already quite active and enjoying bonding time with her mother”.

Disney World will begin to reopen on July 11th. Fans who already have reservations at Animal Kingdom Lodge will have a chance to see Phoenix.

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