Happy Mother’s Day! A Look Back at the Best Disney Moms

Tabitha Boothe

Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s are a very rare breed. Without them, none of us would even be here. That includes all our favorite Disney characters. Here’s a look at some of our favorites, and why they earned a spot on the Disney Mom Hall of Fame!

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Mrs. Potts- Beauty and the Beast

happy mother's day

Mrs. Potts wasn’t just Chip’s mom, she was pretty much everyone’s mom in that castle. Throw in the fact that she doesn’t even get to be a regular mom. She has a curse looming over her head as well. Yet she’s still nailing this parenting thing.

Chicha- The Emperor’s New Groove

happy mother's day

Chicha is one of the very few Disney moms that has it all together. Besides Kuzco wanting to take their home and village away from them, she has a pretty normal life. A loving husband, and two kids (with a third on the way). She is obviously the glue that holds her house together, as most moms are. With her two kids as rambunctious and spirited as they are, I think all moms can relate to her.

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Franny Robinson- Meet the Robinsons

happy mother's day

Now Franny is a mom after my own heart. She is the matriarch of her family. Her ability to teach frogs to play Big Band music, and fight off flying meatballs is unparalleled. Her quirky attitude and outlook on life easily gets her on our list of all time greatest moms.

Nani- Lilo and Stitch

happy mother's day

No, technically Nani isn’t a mom; but no one is gonna argue with us here. She is an amazing ‘parent’ to Lilo. As a teen, Nani takes the role as legal guardian to her little sister. She has quite the balancing act- there’s work and also raising her little sister. Not to mention, willingly doing it all. We see Nani get stressed and angry; but it never stops her from doing what’s best for Lilo.

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Helen Parr (Elastigirl)- The Incredibles

Talk about the ultimate working mom. Balancing kids, a family, and a superhero life is quite the challenge. At one point, she even gives it all up for the well being of her family. All moms are superheroes in their own way.

Aunt Cass- Big Hero Six

Aunt Cass has been Hiro and Tadashi’s legal guardian since Hiro was three. Despite lacking parental knowledge, which she admits to quite often, she still tries her best and is always there for her nephews.

So there you have it. Some of our top picks! Who is your favorite Disney mom?

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Just Disney.

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