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If you’re a Fios home internet, 5G home internet, 4G LTE, or 5G unlimited wireless Verizon customer, you’ll love the news that you will be eligible for a FREE 12 months of Disney+ streaming services. If you have a qualifying service, Disney+ will be completely free, no strings attached, no catch. For a list of all the content being released on November 12, check out our alphabetized list here: Complete list of Disney+ titles

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In order to get the free year, Verizon customers will need to fill out the form on their website:

Verizon announced the exclusive agreement between Verizon and The Walt Disney Company will allow new and current customers full access to everything Disney+ has to offer when it launches. Verizon’s CEO Hans Vestburg stated, “Giving Verizon customers an unprecedented offer and access to Disney+ on the platform of their choice is yet another example of our commitment to provide the best premium content available through key partnerships on behalf of our customers.”

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We called Disney+ customer service directly at 1(888)905-7888 to find out what happens to everyone who may have already signed up. Upon its launch on November 12, you will receive a redemption code directly from Verizon. Your choices moving forward will depend on which D+ plan you are already signed up for. If you were a D23 subscriber that locked in a 2 or 3-year plan, you will have the option to add a free year to your account. You can always cancel or get a refund, but that doesn’t make much sense, since the representative explained you will forfeit your locked-in pre-ordered rate so keeping what you have and opting to add the additional free year is a better plan.

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If you signed up for monthly Disney+ billing, you will be charged for that very first month once the 7 day free trial expires for everyone on November 19th, but after that first month charge the subscription will be free for 12 months. Again, you can call and cancel, but you don’t want to do that simply because you will forfeit your locked-in rate you are already entitled to after the free year expires.

If you signed up for annual billing, you’re also not being charged until November 19th so you can cancel by that date OR opt to add the free year to your account.

So basically, no matter which plan you are currently signed up for directly with Disney+, you can opt for a refund or cancellation, BUT the smarter choice here is to accept the offer for the free year from Verizon and let it roll after the free 12 months to retain your locked-in pricing. If you cancel by November 19th, you lose that guaranteed rate you already subscribed for, and who knows if after this first year subscription rates will increase anyway, so that doesn’t seem like a risk worth taking.

Bottom line, no Verizon current customer and/or Disney+ subscriber will be left hanging with charges if you’ve already invested or subscribed, which means winning all around for Disney fans who can’t wait to binge all the amazing content come November 12th. For a complete list of Disney+ titles so far, check out the list we have provided: Disney+ List

Disney+ customer service is also extremely helpful, and are happy to help before the launch by either calling 1(888)905-7888 or emailing them at

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