Drunk Disney “Superfan” Banned For Life After Disorderly Conduct

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She should have had a better fairy godmother looking out for her, because now Ellen McMillion is banned for life from entering the Disney parks.

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The self-proclaimed Disney superfan’s social media pages show she made almost weekly visits to the parks and even gives advice to other park-goers. Someone should have advised her against having too much to drink and misbehaving in public though, because her villainous antics earned her lifetime ban from the “Most Magical Place On Earth.”

(Ellen McMillion/Facebook)

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Orange County Sheriff’s Office received a call Thursday night when McMillion started slapping a taxi driver outside the Hollywood Studios park at WDW. She demanded a cigarette from the driver, and when he told her he did not have one, she began assaulting him. When deputies arrived on scene, McMillion was slurring, reeking of alcohol, stumbling, and even kicked one deputy twice as she was loaded into the back of the squad car. She told deputies she refused to be cooperative with their investigation until she got a cigarette, and she wasn’t kidding. As if that wasn’t enough, during the encounter, she threw her purse when asked for her ID, and spewed insults and curse words at everyone walking by, including children.

(Ellen McMillion/Orange County Sheriff’s Office)

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She is now facing charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct, and whether or not she is found guilty in a court of law, the lifetime Disney ban will follow her for the rest of her life.

What kind of punishment should she get from the charges? Is a lifetime ban too harsh? Tell us in the comments below and join us over on social media for more news.

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