Disney Codeillusion- Computer Coding Meets Disney Magic!

Tabitha Boothe

Disney Codeillusion! With the world going digital, kids and teens are on the computer now more than ever. A lot more jobs are becoming computer based, and learning computer technology is increasingly important in society.

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This program teaches computer programming skills through an interactive learning environment. Thanks to over ten years of research and coding education experience, Disney Codeillusion has developed a learning system for everyone regardless of their experience level.

disney codeillusion

Eventually, after learning coding languages, you will make moving digital art pieces featuring many different Disney characters. You can also create games of all styles that move characters through original movie scenes and displays.

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disney codeillusion

The imagination of Disney brings you into an immersive learning environment filled with your favorite characters. Tackle coding challenges with Goofy and Donald. Or coding lessons with Woody. Disney equips you with the necessary materials for your offline and online world.

Learning these skills can help with careers like game development (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts). This is also huge in the comic book industry as well. Many Imagineers have needed to go through, and learn, these skills. The whole point of this program is to help people identify issues and create the solutions for themselves.

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There’s role playing games, with 14 original Disney stories. In addition to, there is also a keepsake book, postcards, mystery puzzles, and more.

The sky is truly the limit, and the possibilities are endless with Disney Codeillusions.

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