Disney Bubble Wand Money Saving Hack! 

created by inCollage

You’ve saved up all year to visit Disney World and the day has come! Your family is having the time of their lives and your child’s eyes are glistening with magic around every corner. One of the most iconic and rememberable moments is being in a cloud of tiny bubbles produced by one of Disney’s Princess Bubble Wands.

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A new trend in the parks is to simply locate the parents who have coughed over the $25 for the bubble maker. Simply walk behind them in the trail of bubbles, saving yourself a hefty chunk of change!

Most families will simply never notice since your behind them. Twitter and Instagram are on fire with the hashtags #DisneyDadication and #DisneyHacks with influencers picking up on the trend and sharing additional must have secrets to experience in the Disney Parks.

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