Disney and Target Become the BFF’s We Always Needed

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At D23 this past weekend, Bullseye the Target dog helped make a huge announcement. Target and Disney will be teaming up to bring you all the latest and greatest merchandise right to your own neighborhood! The “shop-in-shop” displays, setups, and most importantly THE MERCH will all start becoming available as early as October 4th of this year (which is perfect timing for Frozen 2 fans *hint hint*)!

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The launch initially includes 25 stores nationwide and will expand 40 more locations by 2020. They will all be located inside Target near the children’s clothing and toy sections, but will feature everything from plushioes to holiday decorations. With over 450 items, including some that used to only be available exclusively at Disney Stores, there will be something for everyone!

The companies said in a joint statement, “The mini-stores will offer a welcoming and engaging shopping experience for the entire family, with music, interactive displays, photo opportunities and a seating area where families can relax and watch Disney movie clips.”

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The first 25 stores (by Target store number):

  • Allen North #2516 (Allen, Texas)
  • Austin NW #1797 (Austin, Texas)
  • Bozeman #1237 (Bozeman, Montana)
  • Brighton #922 (Brighton, Michigan)
  • Chicago Brickyard #1924 (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Clearwater #1820 (Clearwater, Florida)
  • Denver Stapleton #2052 (Denver, Colorado)
  • Edmond #1398 (Edmond, Oklahoma)
  • Euless #1368 (Euless, Texas)
  • Houston North Central #1458 (Spring, Texas)
  • Jacksonville Mandarin #1300 (Jacksonville, Florida)
  • Keizer #2110 (Keizer, Oregon)
  • Lake Stevens #1331 (Lake Stevens, Washington)
  • Leesburg #1874 (Leesburg, Virginia)
  • Loveland #1178 (Loveland, Colorado)
  • Maple Grove North #2193 (Maple Grove, Minnesota)
  • Mobile West #1376 (Mobile, Alabama)
  • Murrieta #1283 (Murrieta, California)
  • New Lenox #2028 (New Lenox, Illinois)
  • Pasadena #1396 (Pasadena, Texas)
  • Philadelphia West #2124 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • San Jose College Park #2088 (San Jose, California)
  • South Jordan #2123 (South Jordan, Utah)
  • Stroudsburg #1260 (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Waterford Park #2068 (Clarksville, Indiana)
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