Cast Member Honored by Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek

Sam Thompson
Photo credit: disney parks blog/ cast member honored

During our world quarantine time, the Disney Cast Members came together to give us #MagicalMoments at home! One such special Cast Member who brought the joy to us was Katelyn. Katelyn is an Animal Kingdom Cast Member who brought to life an at-home Kilimanjaro Safari for us! The video went viral and was even featured on Disney’s Cast Life during the stay-at-home orders! A few months ago Katelyn brought us the Harambe Wildlife Reserve simply to make us all remember the magic of Disney. Recently, Katelyn was able to go back to work at Animal Kingdom and said “It was like coming home” as reported in the #DisneyCastLife videos.

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photo credit: Disney Parks Member Honored

As the parks reopen and more people are able to visit, Katelyn got the visit of a lifetime! Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek heard about Katelyn’s videos and made a special visit to honor her dedication. This special meeting created a once in a lifetime magical moment that Katelyn will soon not forget! How unforgettable this special moment is for both Katelyn and Bob Chapek! Way to go Katelyn, we are so proud of you and all the magic that you are making for the guests at Animal Kingdom! Keep up the great work!

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My name is Sam and I am 32 years old! I have worked for The Walt Disney World Company twice, once as a Character Attendant during my DCP and the second time as a Starbucks Hostess on Main Street, U.S.A. I love all things Disney and enjoy writing articles about my favorite place. Disney World in Florida has become one of my families favorite places to go! My mom, I , my brother and sister-in-law were able to take my 1 year old niece to Disney last year and she was a huge hit with the characters! I love being able to make memories with my family at Disney!
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