Avengers Assembled – The Making of WandaVision.

Melissa Fulks

It’s no secret that WandaVision has become one of the quirkiest, action-packed shows on Disney+, but have you wondered how they pulled it off? The show takes place through a variety of eras with props that match those eras and stellar acting methods that make us feel like we are in our favorite past television shows.

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Credit: Marvel

WandaVision’s finale will air on March 5th, 2021, and The Falcon and Winter Soldier is coming up on the left just two weeks later. While many fans likely thought we would have a one-week break of no new Marvel content, they once again surprised up! Avengers Assembled will go into how WandaVision was filmed, and the challenges of filming for a live audience.

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Marvel’s Avengers Assembled documentary is set to air Friday, March 12th on Disney+.

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