A Major Descendants Announcement Coming Friday!

Tabitha Boothe

A major Descendants announcement is coming Friday, March 12th! This is all my daughter and her friend will be talking about till this weekend. They are in love with Evie, Mal, Jay, and Carlos! So much so, they have Disney Watch Parties together and Facetime to watch all three movies. If you are anything like them, Friday is gonna be a big day!

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a major descendants announcement

We have been given some hints from a few of the Disney Channel Movie stars. There’s gonna be a “jaw dropping” announcement during the finale of the Secrets of Sulphur Springs. We have no idea if a spin off is coming, or maybe a fourth movie. Who knows! But, the Queen of Mean herself, Sarah Jeffrey (Sleeping Beauty’s Daughter) left us this little hint.

Even Jay himself, Boo Boo Stewart, (Jafar’s son) hopped into the recording booth on behalf of Descendants 3 to give us the same little hint about the announcement. Here’s his video from Twitter telling us what to be on the lookout for.

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The Secrets of Sulphur Springs is a new Disney Channel Series that aired January of this year. It’s a time travel, mystery about the disappearance of a young girl name Savannah.

After the death of Cameron Boyce, Cruella‘s son Carlos, it’s hard to believe that Disney would do anything more with this franchise. He played such a huge part, being one of the four main characters. But we are excited to see what Disney is going to do.

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If you need to catch up before Friday, all three Descendants movies, and the Secrets of Sulphur Springs are on Disney Plus. What do you think the major Descendants announcement is? I’m sure my daughter and her friend will have quite a few ideas on what it could be!

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