A Fashion Look For The Loki Series On Disney+

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With Loki due to premiere on Disney+ on June 9, Marvel Studios’ next Phase Four entry will be available in less than two weeks. Tom Hiddleston and his co-stars are finally ready to put the God of Mischief back into the spotlight with the Time Variance Authority, over two years after being hinted at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Marvel and Disney+ are ratcheting up the promotional tour as the show’s release date approaches, with new TV advertisements and public interviews from the cast and crew of Loki.

The main character’s superpowers are set to go to new heights, and fans are already excited to see Marvel’s costume game improve with nearly a half-dozen designs teased thus far.

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In a short teaser for the Disney+ series, those looks come into play once more.

A TikTok promo for Marvel Studios’ Loki on Disney+ was uploaded by Twitter user @amannoyingirl, which featured brief clips of Tom Hiddleston in four different outfits from the series.

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The trailers for Loki teased Tom Hiddleston donning a variety of outfits as he travels the great realms of space and time with the help of the TVA. While it’s certain that he’ll start the series in his Avengers uniform after snatching the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, it’ll be interesting to watch how the other looks play out.

Multiple outfits already seen in trailers, such as the tattered President Loki look with the horns and the D.B. Cooper-inspired suit that debuted in the show’s first trailer, are absent from this ad. Loki’s shapeshifting abilities will be on full show during his six Disney+ episodes, possibly in a faster pace than ever before.

It’ll be fascinating to watch how the succession of these costumes helps to highlight his different levels of commitment to the MCU’s timekeeping organization, especially with the TVA belt-buckle in mind. Whatever happens in the coming weeks, this is still the God of Mischief, and supporters are certainly looking forward to seeing how he continues on his trip.

On June 9, 2021, Loki will premiere on Disney+.

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